Drum Oil Skimmers

These skimmers are used to recover the floating oil from the water surface. The Drum Skimmer rotates on the water surface, thereby skimming the oil from oil-water surface. This oil is then collected on a small trough/sump on the skimmer frame. The collected oil is then pumped out from the trough / sump by means of a suitable pump. The drums are rotated by means of a Pneumatic drive if compressed air is readily available at site. Alternately a hydraulic power is used to drive or rotate the Drums of Skimmer. The Hydraulic power pack is driven by an electric motor. ( Std. or Explosion-Proof).

The Elastec Drum Skimmers are capable of removing both light and heavy oils with lower content. The skimmers are capable of removing floating oil of any viscosity at rates from 5 cubic meters to 125 cubic meters per hour.

Our Product Range:

Minimax | TDS 118 | TDS 136 | Magnum 100 / 200 / 400

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