Mobile Vacuum Trailer

The PACS system is ideal for picking up viscous oil and debris on land or from water surfaces. It is also very effective for beach cleaning operations that require long suction hoses and large solid handling abilities.

This Trailer mounted Vacuum system is designed for removing liquids, solids and sludge from land or water especially in remote areas. It has heavy duty axles, suspensions, Surge brakes for highway or off-road towing, vacuum relief valves and cyclonic separators.

The Vacuum tank is a 3.70 Cubic metres volume and has a rear opening hatch. The Tank will hydraulically Tilt for aided discharge of heavy sludges, on most models. You can operate a variety of accessories such as Pressure washers, Skimmers, Pumps etc.

Our Product Range:

PACS 1200 Series : 230-G36
PACS 1000 Series : 339-D36 | 424-D36 WC | 498-D36 | 770-D36 | 770-D60 | 770-D60 HP | 770-D36 MP

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