Although the conventional Side Mounted Spray Arms is the cheapest available OSD Spraying systems, it has some serious limitations such as:

  1. The Spray arms have a limited reach on both sides of the boat.
  2. The bow wave which travels behind as the VOS moves ahead, tends to push the oil layer away from the boat and sometimes beyond the reach of the Spray Arms.
  3. The Sprays Arms do not have a provision for providing agitation in water to mix the OSD chemical as it is prayed down (Agitation helps in dispersing the oil immediately & increasing efficiency of the Spraying operation).
  4. The Speed of spraying OSD is not manually controlled based on judgment of operator.
  5. The mist of OSD being sprayed comes back to the boat and can be harmful to the personnel involved.

The NEAT SWEEP System eliminates the above limitations and provides an excellent system of tackling large areas of Oil Spills at one stroke.

Neat Sweep – Specialized Dispersant Spray System
The Neat Sweep System consists of :

  1. Tow Lengths of Air Inflated Deflection Boom ( Short Skirts) – 500 ft ( 150 Mtrs.)
  2. 01 Neat Dispersant Pumping Unit with Monitors.
  3. 01 Dispersant Application Zone ( DAZ) Unit.

The ELASPRAY funnels the oil into a narrow stream called as Dispersant Application Zone (DAZ). This increases the encounter rate of oil resulting in much better utilization of dispersant chemical. Also its able to catch the oil as it is used in combination with a Boom. The Speed of boat is monitored using a computerized system which is linked to the flow of Dispersant pump. The volume of spray application is computer controlled which results in optimum utilization of Dispersant Chemical. Also at the exit of DAZ, there is a flutter mechanism which creates churning in the water as the oil layer mixed with dispersant exits the DAZ area. This results in instant dispersion of the concentrated oil layer, thereby increasing the efficiency of the spraying system.

The following are main advantages of using a Neat Sweep:

  1. The funneling feature enables aggregation of small packets of oil of varying thicknesses into a uniform thick layer of oil.
  2. As the oil layer is funneled into a narrow surface area, the oil layers gets thicker and more concentrated, it is possible to spray the dispersant chemical in a focused manner.
  3. The Spray volume is controlled by a computerized monitoring unit using sensors which results in optimum utilization of the spray chemical.
  4. The spray is carried out hundreds of feet behind the vessel thus enabling larger coverage areas. This results in quicker and more efficient spray of dispersant chemical over a large area. At the same time, as the dispersant is sprayed hundreds of feet behind the vessel, the personnel engaged in this operation do not come in contact with dispersant mist.

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