Portable Vacuum System (Mini Vac II)

The ELASTEC Minivac II is a mobile, portable vacuum system designed for spill recovery. It is ideal for working in remote areas such as beaches, for cross country pipelines, as well as industrial locations. The Minivac II can recover a wide range of liquids, oils & heavy sludge with solids up to 2inches (50mm).

The Vacuum head is designed to fit on a standard open head drum . The powerful blower generates high air flow to convey liquids through long lengths of hoses and the material collected is stored in the barrel. Once the barrel is full, the vacuum unit automatically shuts off the Vacuum and allows the operator to change over to another barrel.

The Minivac II is powered by a quiet running 20HP / 15 KW water cooled diesel engine fitted with electric start and spark arrestor.

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Mini Vac with – Drum-It

Hopper | All Terrain 110 gallon vacuum tank | Trailer Mounted System | Complete all terrain System.

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