Oil Skimmers Inc.

USA (www.oilskim.com)
For:- Tube Oil Skimmers

For over 40 years, Oil Skimmers Inc., has been the leader in the field of waste oil removal. Oil Skimmers Inc. is the leading manufacturer and marketer of automatic oil skimming equipment, specializing in recovering all types of floating waste oils, greases and fats from water surfaces.

When it comes to separating oil from water for recovery and recycling, companies from around the world have utilized our floating tube oil skimmers.

Elastec Inc.

American Marine Inc., USA
For:- Marine Oil Spill Equipment

Elastec Inc. is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturing company. Elactec’s extensive range of products includes oil spill equipment (skimmers, containment boom, fire boom, dispersant application equipment), incinerators, vacuum systems, portable tanks, pumps, specialized vehicles, trash and garbage collection boats, hydraulic power packs, fumigation tarps, turbidity curtains and floating custom containment systems for debris, jellyfish, cranberry collection, invasive plant control.